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Table 3 The IMGT gene database, genome analysis tools and Web resources

From: IMGT, the international ImMunoGeneTics information system®: a standardized approach for immunogenetics and immunoinformatics

  1. (1) IMGT Web resources (IMGT Marie-Paule page) also include IMGT Index, IMGT Education (IMGT Lexique, Aide-mémoireémoire, Tutorials, Questions and answers, The IMGT Medical page, The IMGT Veterinary page, The IMGT Biotechnology page, The IMGT Immunoinformatics page, IMGT Bloc-notes (Interesting links, etc.) [2] which are not detailed in this paper.
  2. (2) IMGT publications from the IMGT Repertoire "Locus and genes" section are available as pdf in IMGT Locus in Focus, in IMGT Index (see also [2]).