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Table 2 The IMGT sequence databases, sequence analysis tools and Web resources

From: IMGT, the international ImMunoGeneTics information system®: a standardized approach for immunogenetics and immunoinformatics

  1. (1) IMGT/Automat [29, 30] is an integrated internal IMGT Java tool which automatically performs the annotation of rearranged cDNA sequences that represent the half of the IMGT/LIGM-DB content. So far 7,418 human and mouse IG and TR cDNA sequences have been automatically annotated by the IMGT/Automat tool, with annotations being as reliable and accurate as those provided by a human annotator.
  2. (2) IMGT publications from the IMGT Repertoire "Proteins and alleles" section are available as pdf in IMGT Locus in Focus, in IMGT Index (see also [2]).